Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Barcelona-Milan, that's the final for the champion's league. they will be playing in the Stade de France on the 17th of July. Maybe Iwill hear the cries of the supporters from the stadium one kilometer away from my house.
I am ABSOLUTELY unhappy about the referee of the match Badrcelona-Milan, who refused the goal by Andreï Shevchenko. the end of the match would have been different.
Still, Arsenal qualified so it's alright.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Thierry Henry will not go to Barcelona next summer. I hope not because he is a very good player and one of the best ones in Arsenal (and I dont like Barcelona).

Thursday, January 05, 2006

chances for the world cup:

group A: if there is no problems, Germany should be first, as it is not the best group. However, it will be hard to tell who will be 2nd.

group B: England has great chances, although paraguay and sweden will be certainly 2nd and 3rd. No one nows which one in which position.

groupC: Argentina has a very high class group, with Ivory Coast, Netherland, and Serbia. Will Netherland beat Argentina? Will Ivory Coast get the 2nd place? So many questions for this very good group.

groupD: As Portugal is the best team in this group and Mexico the second, I think there will be no place for the other teams in this group.

groupE: Italy-Czech Republic will be THE match for this group. But the U.S. can make a surprise.

groupF: Brasil won't have any problems to be succesful. Japan, Australia and Croatia will have to battle for 2nd place.

groupG: France has the best chances because they won against Switzerland, South Corea is not a very good team and it is the same for togo.

groupH: Spain is certainly the best team in this group but I feel that Ukraine can do something as they have Andrey Shevchenko in front.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

the groups for the world cup are:
group A: Germany, Costa Rica, Equator, Poland
group B: England, paraguay, Trinitad-and-Tobago, Sweden
group C: Argentina, Ivory Coast, Serbia, Netherland
group D: Mexico, Iran, Angola, Portugal
group E: United-States, Czech Republic, Italy, Ghana
group F: Australia, Japan, Brasil, Croatia
group G: South Corea, Togo, switzerland, France
group H: Spain, Ukraine, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

last news:

In Marseille, there is accusations on the ancient dirigents about paid referees and matches.

the player that made these accusations has retracted, so no more things to say about it.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Real Madrid:

We made a mill 3 to 3 against Villareal. I am not so happy about it. we are now 2nd and we are playing Sevilla(5th so it will be hard). I hope we are going to play well.

AC Milan:

we won 3 to 2 against Parma, after a very good match. We are 2nd and only 3pts after the Juve. we can do it! we can win the serieA .we are playing Roma (5th , wich is good so beware).


we did 1 to 1 against Totenham, and I don't like it. we are now 5th and the next match is against sunderland( last so normally it will be OK).

Last news, we won 3 to 2 against Auxerre after a good match. The next match is against Monaco who is 11th. we are getting better these times, so we could win, even if they beat Lyon. We are 13th.


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